A personal messsage from Rachel and Angela.

We are excited to provide a new and easy story-sourcing opportunity for you. Rachel was an editor for years at titles like O, the Oprah Magazine before starting her own company. At Oprah, she was always looking for new experts, stories, people, and products—just like you are.

That’s why we wanted to give you a chance to source quotes, products, etc. from the thousands of small business owners, authors, and experts we’ve started working with via PR School. We’ve trained them all to “give good story” and “give good quote.” As an editor and writer, Rachel used sources like HARO to source stories--but often, she wanted something more private, or she wanted more curated and quality answers—and not necessarily from PR firms looking to pitch everything under the sun! And honestly, she wanted it to be faster, easier, and more “Oprah-level” all around. So that’s what we’re offering you: think of it as the boutique HARO, or the bigger version of your own private email list.

We know you’re busy (and probably needed that quote yesterday) so our team makes sure you get responses quickly and easily.

It’s easy breezy to send us a query so we can quickly find you the best products, people, experts, and sources. Either:

  1. Fill out this form here with your details
  2. Or respond directly to this email (or email Rachel at rachel@savorthesuccess.com) with what you’re looking for. Also feel free to forward something you’re working on in any rough form, or a note for submissions: our team can turn it into actionable query language for you.

We would love to be of help to you and connect you with sources—who can share great content that your audience will love.

Rachel + Angela

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